It has arrived… 

So this week my Sony A7II arrived in the post. It’s used with the odd mark but it seems to work perfectly. It feels nice to get my hands on a full frame camera again. 

Along with the camera I managed to bag a 50mm Canon FD 1.8 lens for about £20, and I already owned the somewhat legendary Jupiter 9 lens (an old Soviet tank that is virtually a copy of some old Zeiss glass). I ordered a couple of adapters and these arrived inline with the camera. 
I’ve not been out with the camera yet, but I was taken back by the Canon lens. To be honest,  the Jupiter 9 is pretty breathtaking too when you consider how old it is. The aperture on the 50mm is stuck wide open,  but I like to shoot like this anyway so it’s not really a problem. 

I also managed to nab a Samyang 85mm f/1.4 for the bargain price of £130! Samyang are becoming well known due to their cheap, but very capable lenses. 

All of my lenses so far are fully manual and will hopefully force me to think about what I’m doing a bit more! 

Stay tuned for some photographs, we’re off to Devon next week so there should be a few to share. 


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