So,  I’ve blogged before… Back before I had a run at being a professional photographer (and during). 

I loved my work,  especially the full day weddings. What I enjoyed most about those was looking back through the photographs at my desk whilst doing the edits. I always used to get super excited when I realised I’d got a killer shot. 

Anyway,  I had to stop offering these services due to a number of reasons. Mainly,  due to an issue with my shoulder. Carrying two full frame bodies,  each with a speedlite, 70-200, and a 24-70 took its toll. 

I decided to try and get back in to photography as a hobby,  something which I feel that I lost when doing it professionally. In my attempt to do this I sold all of my full frame gear and stepped in to the world of Micro Four Thirds. 

I’ll admit,  this was a brief venture. The gear,  whilst very capable, felt restrictive due to the small sensor. Therefore, this gear has now gone too!! 

I’ve tried to find the best of both worlds this time and have just ordered a Sony A7II. In an attempt to change the way I look at photography,  I’ve only ordered older lenses or full manual lenses. 

My main reasoning for this is that, back when I was studying for a photography degree I spent a lot of time working with 35mm film. I felt more connected with my work as you had to stop and think before each shot. I’m hoping that full manual lenses will have a similar impact. 

I work a lot during the week, and most weekends so I’m not going to be able to blog much. However,  I just wanted somewhere to share my new photographic journey! 



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